Ecommerce is hard. Don't do it alone.

Get back to what you love: building beautiful websites for your clients.

Here's what comes out of the box

Everything you need to build small to medium sized e-commerce stores, all included in one Statamic addon.

Product Variants

Whether it’s for different colours, t-shirt sizes or whatever, product variants are there to make it easy.

Supports Stripe & Mollie

First-party support for two of the major players when it comes to the world of payments.

Compatible with multi-site

With multisite in Simple Commerce, you can use different currencies and shipping methods per site.

Flexible Shipping

Need to make different shipping methods available based on the customers’ address? That’s totally possible.


Create coupons to give to customers, with fixed or percentage amounts off their cart.


From the ground up, Simple Commerce is built to be extended. From events to the ability to override the calculator.

You're not the only one.

Plenty of other, well-respected Statamic developers have decided to build their stores with Simple Commerce.

I'm sold, how much does it cost?

It's just a one-time, flat fee of $99 for everything! You can use it in development for free for as long as you need. You only need to purchase a license when your site goes live.

Frequently asked questions

Who's behind Simple Commerce?
That would be me! I'm Duncan McClean, I'm the developer of a few Statamic addons and I'm a 'Hero' on the Statamic Discord.
I work on Simple Commerce (and my other addons) in my spare time.
Can I use a database?
There's nothing first-party for this at the moment but it's something I'm planning to add in the next few months 👀.
For now though, you can create your own content driver to achieve the same goal.
Does it handle subscriptions?
No, Simple Commerce doesn't handle subscriptions. I'd recommend using Charge if you're needing to do subscriptions.
Is there a demo site I can play with?
There's currently no demo site available but it's something I'm planning to add in the coming months.
However, if you'd just like to have a play around, you can use the Simple Commerce starter kit.
Do you provide support?
Yes, you can send me an email and I'll generally respond within 1 working day. Support is prioritized to license holders first.