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About Simple Commerce

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We built Simple Commerce to feel as native as possible to Statamic. We've adopted everything from the flat file approach to not being opinionated over what your front-end looks like.

But why flat files? Because they're awesome! Besides the fact that you can version control them, it's also a big plus for security as there's no way for hackers to use MySQL Injection to fetch important data from your system.

And by the way, you have full control over content modeling! You heard it right, basically the only requirement you need if to have a price field on your products and you're all set.

Simple Commerce also has first-party support for popular gateways... Right now, Stripe and Mollie are officially supported. If you need one that we don't support, it's easy to build your own gateway.

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Simple Commerce is pretty lightweight (hence the name). This means it doesn't have as much functionality as likes of Shopify or Craft Commerce.

  • No support for multiple tax rates - at the moment, you can only assign a single tax rate per site.

  • No first party shipping methods, you have to create your own per store.

  • No reporting functionality (we have it on our roadmap for the future though!)

Licensing and Support

Simple Commerce is commercial software, so you'll need to purchase a license from the Statamic Marketplace before you can use it in production environments.

If you have any issues, ask a question on GitHub Discussions or send an email.