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About Simple Commerce

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Welcome to the documentation site for Simple Commerce!

The aim is to keep it up-to-date with new features as soon as they're released but ultimatley no one's perfect and there's going to be some stuff missing


If you find any issues with the docs, like a typo, feel free to submit a pull request on the documentation repo. There's a link to 'Improve this page on GitHub' on every page on the docs site!

Also, if there's any features or things you'd like to see documented, create an issue or attempt it yourself with a PR.


The documentation site is split between different 'Statamic sites', one for each version (and one just for the marketing pages).

This allows us to add documentation for features that come out in certain releases.

You can switch between the version you're viewing docs for in the top right, inside the search bar.


If you're looking for help with something and can't find your answer here, create an issue on the Simple Commerce repo or send me (Duncan) an email.

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