You're viewing the documentation of an older Simple Commerce version. Consider upgrading to the latest for new features and bug fixes.



Released on 19th February 2021

  • Fix Tax amounts should no longer be off. Was previously using the wrong formula.


Released on 13th November 2020

  • Fix Fix issue where gateways were not being booted


Released on 5th November 2020

  • New Licensing statistics - so we can check how many sites are using Simple Commerce, what versions are in use and if they have valid licenses. (also introduced in v2.1.2)


Released on 4th October 2020

  • New You can now update the format of the customer titles.
  • Fix When updating a customer, sometimes the title would be removed... #311
  • Fix If updating a customer's name using {{ sc:cart:update }} tag, it wouldn't work because of some copy and pasting
  • And added a bunch of customer related tests...


Released on 4th October 2020

  • Fix Fixed a bug that would happen if you try and get a customer that doesn't have a title or slug set.


Released on 4th October 2020

  • Fix Fixed issue where SC would presume a customer entry had a name on it, but if it didn't then stuff would break.


Released on 4th October 2020

  • Fix Fixed issue with customer data when being passed into Stripe Gateway, from #307


Released on 3rd October 2020

  • Fix Fixed issues when creating/updating customers via the {{ sc:cart:update }} tag. #307


Released on 30th September 2020

  • Fix Fixed issue with decimals causing incorrect totals, when using coupons on an order #304


Released on 28th September 2020

  • New Payment Method's are now saved for later, with Stripe Gateway #306


Released on 5th September 2020

  • Fix The money fieldtype will now default to 0 when nothing is entered instead of throwing an exception.
  • Fix Fixed issue where you couldn't remove the last item from the cart


Released on 29th August 2020

  • New You can now register gateways on-demand with SimpleCommerce::registerGateway(PayPalGateway::class, [])
  • Fix Fixed issue where deleting a single cart item would clear the cart instead (again) #293
  • Fix Fixed issue when trying to submit checkout form without any customer information.


Released on 27th August 2020

  • Fix Fixes issue when adding to the cart when you've already deleted items from the cart. #293
  • Fix Generate a title and slug for customer if they don't already have one - fixes a type error #296
  • Fix Fixed issue when the CheckoutController tries to call the PreCheckout event on case sensitive systems. #294


Released on 26th August 2020

  • New Brought back Order Statuses, you may want to run php please simple-commerce:setup-command to create the relevant taxonomies and terms.
  • New You can now send customer metadata when using {{ sc:cart:update }} and {{ sc:checkout }} tags. #289
  • New You can now toggle if Simple Commerce sends an Order Confirmation email to your customers after checkout. It's enabled by default. #288
  • New Customer & Order information is now passed to Stripe when preparing payment intent #292
  • New Brand new php please simple-commerce:setup-command command for setting up collections & taxonomies when installing Simple Commerce
  • Fix Fixed issue where adding items to cart would overwrite what is already there. #290


Released on 24th August 2020

  • Fix Fixed issue with ProductRepository not being bound properly because of a spelling mistake 🤦‍♂️ #287


Released on 22nd August 2020

  • New You can now specify the version of the Stripe API you want to use.
  • Fix Fixed issue caused when using a gateway that doesn't return anything from the prepare method.
  • Fix Fixed checkAvailability failing for shipping methods
  • Fix Fixed issue with completing cart without a customer being attached to the order.
  • Changed version constraint of statamic/cms due to v3 release


Released on 18th August 2020

  • Fix Simple Commerce releases should now include built assets.
  • Fix Issue when entering value inside Money fieldtype without separator and it converts it to cents/penies
  • Fix Percentage coupons #281


Released on 17th August 2020

  • Fix Simple Commerce tags were broken after beta 44


Released on 17th August 2020

  • Fix Config, blueprint etc should no longer be overwritten on composer update
  • Simple Commerce only supports PHP 7.4