You're viewing the documentation of an older Simple Commerce version. Consider upgrading to the latest for new features and bug fixes.



Released on 19th February 2021

  • Fix Tax amounts should no longer be off. Was previously using the wrong formula.


Released on 30th January 2021

  • Fix Actually use the new format when adding items to the cart
  • Fix Fixed issue when clearing the cart


Released on 30th January 2021

  • New Updated the default order blueprint
  • New Added a new 'Product Variant' fieldtype to select a single variant


Released on 27th January 2021

  • Fix Fixed some naming inconsistencies with postal/zip codes #343


Released on 21st January 2021

  • Fix Fix situations where the tax totals would be wrong with certain tax rates #340


Released on 21st January 2021

  • Fix ~~Fix situations where the tax totals would be wrong with certain tax rates #340~~


Released on 17th January 2021

  • New Improved action responses (including propper support for AJAX usage)


Released on 14th January 2021

  • Fix Fixed issue with customer entry being overwritten by new carts. #337
  • Fix Fixed situation where exception would be thrown if the 'Maximum Uses' field isn't set #338


Released on 11th January 2021

  • New Currency formatting now depends on current site locale, instead of always being en_US.
  • Fix Fixed issue with tax calculations #331
  • Fix Fixed Mollie Gateway issues and off-site gateway issues #334


Released on 11th January 2021

  • Fix Fixed ->get() parameter issue when using Mollie webhook. #332


Released on 9th January 2021

  • Fix Sometimes tags were being called twice. Now it should just be once!
  • Fix Fixed exception sometimes if attempting variant augmentation on a product with no variants.
  • Fix Fixed issue where Gateway Webhook URL's were returned as null.


Released on 5th January 2021

  • Fix Fixed the way we handle fallback URLs for off-site gateways #329


Released on 4th January 2021

  • Fix Fixed exception thrown by Off-site gateway callback. #327
  • Fix If a redirect is not provided for off-site gateway, user should be redirected to the homepage.


Released on 28th December 2020

  • New PHP 8 Support! #318
  • Fix Product entries with variants should not have a standard price field.
  • Fix The has method on Repositories will now return null, instead of throwing an exception about undefined indexes.


Released on 23rd December 2020

  • Fix Fix issues parsing null Money fields. Addresses issue from #323.


Released on 23rd December 2020

  • Fix Just get site with Site::current() inside Money Fieldtype, instead of getting the entries' locale.


Released on 21st December 2020

  • Fix Fixed issue when passing receipt_email to Stripe


Released on 21st December 2020

  • Simplified the site detecting logic in the Money Fieldtype #319


Released on 18th December 2020

  • Fixed issue with locales in Money Fieldtype again.


Released on 18th December 2020

  • Fix issue where locale() is called on undefined, in Money Fieldtype.


Released on 18th December 2020

  • Re-tag of v2.1.16 (the release workflow broke)


Released on 12th December 2020

  • Remove Woodland


Released on 12th December 2020

  • New You can now enable automatic receipt emails from Stripe.
  • New You can now use a single address for an order, instead of different shipping and billing ones.
  • New You can now set display names for gateways. Useful for when you give the customer an option between them.
  • Fix Fixed a bug causing type exceptions.
  • Fix Ensure customer can't add more of a product than you actually have in stock.


Released on 5th December 2020

  • New Added some better error handling for form tags.
  • Fix Issue where it couldn't find an 'index' gateway using the {{ sc:gateways }} tag? Now sorted!


Released on 29th November 2020

A whole lot of API related changes this release...

  • New It's now easier to get fields from your cart. How's {{ sc:cart:delivery_note }}?
  • New The Order Calculator has been moved out of the CartRepository and into it's own class. However, the recalculateTotals method on the CartRepository will continue to work for the time being.
  • New Introduced a new OrderRepository which will eventually replace the CartRepository (it's a breaking change so it won't happen until at least v2.2)
  • New Added customer method to CartRepository
  • Fix Default order blueprint no longer has a SKU field on it.
  • Fix php please sc:install command will now only publish blueprints and configuration file.


Released on 27th November 2020

  • New Add an exempt_from_tax field to products that you want to be exempt from tax.
  • Fix Carts & Customers will be created in the correct site.
  • Fix When created, customers will now be published instead of a draft.
  • Fix Money Fieldtype will respect the site of the entry and display the correct currency.
  • Fix Fixed issue where you could add the same product/variant to the cart twice.


Released on 22nd November 2020

  • Fix Fixed bug with blueprint field checking


Released on 22nd November 2020

  • New Ensure fields are included in product & order blueprints.


Released on 21st November 2020

  • Fix Fix vendor:publish bug when running php please sc:install (I should really double check this stuff before I release it)


Released on 21st November 2020

  • Re-tag of v2.1.6


Released on 21st November 2020

  • [update] Improved the install process - combine vendor:publish step and setup-content.


Released on 13th November 2020

  • Fix A more descriptive message will now be shown if currency formatting fails due to the php-intl extension not being installed or enabled.'
  • Fix Fixed issue where gateways weren't being booted at all...


Released on 12th November 2020

  • Fix Fixed issue with Woodland when installing Simple Commerce for the first time. #313
  • Fix Fixed issue with product variants fieldtype on new product entries. #314
  • Fix Fixed issue when adding a new variation in product variants fieldtype
  • Fix Localize and use plural/signular stuff with index text for product variants fields.


Released on 30th October 2020

  • Fix Fix issues with installing via Composer, from last release. Whoops.


Released on 30th October 2020

  • New Licensing statistics - so we can check how many sites are using Simple Commerce, what versions are in use and if they have valid licenses.


Released on 28th October 2020

  • New Simple Commerce fieldtypes will now display nicely in entry listings
  • Fix Fixed issue when using an off-site gateway without specifing a redirect
  • Added a bunch of tests behind the scenes


Released on 18th October 2020

v2.1 contains various breaking changes, we recommend reviewing the update guide to ensure your site will work with the update.

  • New Product Variants
  • New Built-in Mollie Gateway
  • New Product Stock
  • New Sales Widget - dashboard widget for reviewing sales over a week, 14 days and a month.
  • New Support for Off-site gateways and a bunch of changes to the way gateways work overall.
  • New Minimum Order Numbers
  • Fix Various bug fixes.


Released on 10th October 2020

v2.1 is now available for beta testing. A changelog of what's changed since v2.0 is available over here.