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If you've dug into the Simple Commerce codebase even a little bit, you'll probably see lots of places where it references an Order, Coupon or Product facade.

Each of these Facades are bound via Laravel's service container, to a 'concrete' implementation of the class.

For example, when you call the find method on the Order facade. Under the hood, you're really calling the find method on the src/Orders/Order.php class, that's where all of the actual logic is happening.

Binding your own data class

If you want to override how a certain part of the Order class works for example. You can create your own Order class, extend on top of the base one and you can then bind that with Simple Commerce.

1// app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php
3use Statamic\Statamic;
7public function register()
9 Statamic::repository(
10 DoubleThreeDigital\SimpleCommerce\Contracts\Order::class,
11 App\YourOrderClass::class
12 );

Make sure that your class implements the relevant contract or else you'll run into issues.

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