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Coupon Tag

Cart's Coupon

This tag lets you get the data for the coupon, if the customer has redeemed one for the cart.

{{ sc:coupon }}
  Current coupon: {{ slug }}
{{ /sc:coupon }}

Check if coupon has been redeemed

This tag lets you check whether or not the customer has already redeemed a coupon.

@{{ if {sc:coupon:has} === true }}
  You've redeemed a coupon.
{{ /if }}

Redeem a coupoon

This tag lets you redeem a coupon.

{{ sc:coupon:redeem }}
  <input type="text" name="code">
{{ /sc:coupon:redeem }}

Remove a coupon

This tag allows you remove a redeemed coupon from the cart.

{{ sc:coupon:remove }}
  <button type="submit">Remove coupon</button>
{{ /sc:coupon:remove }}
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