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Upgrade Guide

  1. # API changes

I've tried to document as many of the breaking changes as I can. Although, if you have any custom integrations into Simple Commerce, I'd recommend that you review the changes.

composer update doublethreedigital/simple-commerce:^2.2
  1. Update dependency in composer.json to ^2.2 and run composer update.
  2. Run php please sc:upgrade to automate the majority of changes.

API changes

v2.2 contains a lot of updates to the way Simple Commerce works behind the scenes. There's a few notable changes to make if you're making use of Simple Commerce methods or facades.

The $cart parameter on CartCompleted event has changed type

Instead of the $cart parameter being an Entry object, it is now an Order object.

Cart Facade being phased out

The Cart facade is being phased out. It's strongly recommended that you update any references of the Cart facade to use the new Order facade which contains all of the same methods as the Cart facade.

It will continue to function for now, however the plan is to remove it completely in the next few major releases.

Changes to Repositories

Simple Commerce used to split code into Repositories but it's been re-structured in v2.2, in order to cleanup the codebase for future development.

There's a few changes that you may need to make:

  • Contracts have been renamed to remove Repository from the name. Example: ProductRepository is now Product.
  • Repositories have moved from the Repositories namespace into ones for the individual features, like Order or Product.
  • Repositories used to have separate save and update methods. These have been merged into a single save method which should be added to the end of a method chain, like below:
2 ->data(['items' => [...]])
3 ->save();
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