Released on 11th June 2021

What's fixed

  • When updating a line item, the metadata is no longer overwritten #431

What's improved

  • You can now use a custom request on the {{ sc:cart:addItem }} and {{ sc:cart:updateItem }} tags #432


Released on 10th June 2021

What's fixed

  • You can now set line item metadata when adding a new line item.


Released on 9th June 2021

What's fixed

  • Fixed tax calculations if result is a rounded number, with no decimals #429

What's improved

  • 'United States' and 'Canada' aren't at the top of the countries list anymore
  • Removed sc:info command - it's never been used


Released on 5th June 2021

What's new

  • You can now specify a Form Request on some form tags (for custom validation rules) #425


Released on 3rd June 2021

What's improved

  • Refactored usage of findBySlug, it's being deprecated soon and will likely be removed in Statamic 3.2 #424
  • When using Something::create, you can now provide slug or published to manually set the slug/published status.
  • Checkout: Payment is now done at the very end of the checkout request, rather than just before the coupon. Orders will also be recalculated before payment in case of any last-minute changes.
  • Checkout: You can now set the Customer's ID in the checkout request
  • Checkout: You can now redeem coupons as part of the checkout request
  • Checkout: Refactored some stuff around product stock
  • Checkout: Added a job lot of automated tests to cover the checkout flow

What's fixed

  • Fixed IDE completion on the Coupon facade (was suggesting Order methods, rather than Coupon methods)
  • Checkout: Free orders will now be marked as paid again after checkout
  • Fixed issue where coupons limited to certain products could be valid/non-valid accidentally.


Released on 16th May 2021

What's new?

  • You can now grab 'raw' data through the Cart Tag, rather than augmented data. ({{ sc:cart:rawGrandTotal }})


Released on 10th May 2021

While there's been quite a few breaking changes between v2.2 and v2.3, most of them have been addressed by Update Scripts, which will be run automatically when updating Simple Commerce.

Simple Commerce v2.3 requires your site to be running Statamic 3.1 and configured correctly for update scripts.

Please review the Upgrade Guide before updating.

What's new

  • It's now easier to swap out the driver being used for products, orders, coupons or customers.
  • You can now mark any unpaid orders as paid from inside the Control Panel.
  • Events have been renamed and parameters have been switched about.
  • Notifications have been refactored! (Again...)
  • The Address DTO now contains some more helpful methods.
  • Product Variants now have their very own DTO
  • You can now filter by Order Status in the CP

Breaking changes

  • Translations have been simplified. All translations live in the messages.php file. If you override the translations, please review.
  • Built-in gateways have been moved from Gateways\GatewayName to Gateways\Builtin\GatewayName
  • Gateway DTOs are now called Response, Purchase and Prepare (Gateway is no longer in the name)
  • Updates have been made to Data Contracts, please review if you are overriding any of them.
  • If you're overriding any of the Data Classes, please register it inside the updated config file, rather than manually via the Service Container.
  • Cart facade has been removed (it was deprecated in v2.2). Please replace with the Order facade.
  • Event parameters & event names have been changed. Please review if you are listening for any Simple Commerce events.
  • Notifications have been refactored - they now use Laravel Notifications, rather than Mailables. If you were overriding the notifications previously, you will need to refactor into Notifications and update inside the Simple Commerce config.


Released on 3rd May 2021

What's fixed

  • 500 error on Mollie Webhook with successful payment #422


Released on 3rd May 2021

What's fixed

  • Trailing data error would sometimes appear when viewing paid orders in the CP


Released on 30th April 2021

What's fixed

  • Updated parameters of CouponRedeemed event.
  • Fixed issue where upgrade scripts would error if you're configuration is cached. #421


Released on 23rd April 2021

What's new

  • The cart update request will respect any validation rules you have in your order blueprint #417

What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where update scripts wouldn't be run when upgrading to a beta release.


Released on 22nd April 2021

I've not got a solid date for v2.3 release yet but here's the first of a couple beta releases. Feel free to test it if you've got any spare time.

Updating to the beta

  • Set minimum-stability to "dev" or "alpha"
  • Change "doublethreedigital/simple-commerce" to "2.3.*"
// composer.json

"minimum-stability": "alpha",
"require": {
    "doublethreedigital/simple-commerce": "2.3.*",
    // all the other stuff...
  • Then run: composer update doublethreedigital/simple-commerce --with-all-dependencies

FYI: You'll need to be running Statamic 3.1 to install the beta.

More info

For more information on what's new and any breaking changes, review the